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Drawers in glossy order online
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An antique dresser is a matter of taste. Who are such an antique dresser in his bedroom, who knows what he has chosen there.
Before we write here. We know that we offer only three copies here in our shop. But we also want to say why. We have had yet resulted in a much larger selection of dressers higher gloss until recently. But we had to accept that only these three models were in demand among the customers. How has the location, we can not even say for sure, we also found one or the other discarded drawers in glossy very tasteful and appealing.
But what we can say with certainty: The bedroom dressers three listed here are all the rage.

Style is just style

Resulting in a high gloss chest of drawers stands out? They put the viewer in historic times. In various films and other contemporary media we often see pieces of antique furniture. What is today modern, minimalist, straight lines were in the last century have been designated as vile and mediocre. There, the chests were decorated with elegant applications. Here and there a flourish flourishes. Circles were carved into the wood. Not infrequently, wood flower or other patterns have been incorporated into doors.


We had a slight problem in the production of antique furniture. But even then we could be sure. This problem not only we, but everyone who wants to produce a piece of antique furniture for the bedroom. Using the time. If something is supposed to be antique, it must have been actually made a long time ago.
So, in order to avoid misunderstandings. We use the term high-gloss chest of drawers for bedroom dressers, made ​​known to you. The production is running at when you order. What makes the ancient world with us, that's the style. We fit the optical characteristics of the realities of post-modernism and finished it.
So if you build up their high-gloss chest of drawers, you will not find a worm in it. But be sure. The average Joe consumer is not visible to the naked eye, whether this is a piece of furniture that has been produced 100 years ago or 100 days. The only thing he will wonder is that your chest is so well preserved in high gloss.

Sauder Woodworking Harbor View 4 Drawer Dresser (Antique White)
Furniture (Sauder Woodworking)
  • Finish: Antique White
  • 4 Drawers with metal runners and safety stops
  • Patented T-lock assembly system
  • Additional storage behind louver detailed doors
  • Detailing includes solid wood knobs and turned feet

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Thanks! :)

2011-10-20 14:52:21 by -

The rest of the room has white walls and the teal wall will be in my "bedroom" (i have a large studio). my bedding is dark purple with TONS of accents colors like hot pink, orange, green and red.
there's a lot of orange in my apartment and a beige couch. I LOVE COLOR! and i've never painted an accent wall before. oh, and i have a white dresser and mis-matched dark wood antique side tables.

I vote for the rental truck. Sounds like you

2007-05-12 14:43:35 by ---

Have a lot of items you just really need to hang onto. Let go of the rest.
I envy you. I too am in my 50's. Six years ago I moved to a condo. At that time I 'decluttered' myself. I got rid of anything that didn't have emotional or financial value. My house is so uncluttered and easier to clean and keep clean now.
However, lately I have been fantizing about living in a small, one bedroom seniors apartment. I imagine just the basics I would/could take with me:
Bedroom: bed, nightstand, dresser.
living room: sofa, one comfy chair, coffee table and one end table, TV, my antique desk, computer desk and computer

My waterbiography: a history of my swimming life, part one  — The Guardian
I remember shivering afterwards, dressing in wooden cubicles, trying to roll thick dry socks up thick damp legs. I remember playing. I don't .. Sparkhill Baths was Edwardian, built in the 1930s, when the first swimming boom hit.

3 pc Silver Chrome Girls Vanity Set Comb Brush Mirror.
Health and Beauty (Kingsley)
  • Vanity Set Dresser set, silver plated.
  • With comb. Mirror and brush
Albuquerque Auction - Large Crystal Chandelier
Brides Wearing White Nylon Stockings
WL 2.25 inch Old Antique Bedroom Dresser Shaped As A Mini Quartz Clock
Home (WL)
  • Perfect gift for those that love Clocks and Timers
  • Measurement: Clock: H: 2.25
Stork Craft Stork Craft Aspen 5 Drawer Chest, Cherry
Baby Product (Stork Craft)
  • Made of solid wood and wood products
  • Easy assembly using cam-lock construction
  • Steel drawer glides with safety stop
  • Round wooden pulls
  • Durable non-toxic finish, tipping restraint included
POUNDEX ASSOCIATES CORP Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, White
  • You will receive a total of 1 desk and 1 chair
  • Mirror with attached moveable externsions
  • Provides space for an array of cosmetics, jewelry and beauty supplies
  • Material: Wood and Fabric
  • Some easy assembly is required; assembly instruction is included

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